Kimono-Style Spa Robes

Clothing for Plus Size Women

Get one-of-a-kind kimono-style spa robes at 3 Graces Design Studio located in the USA. We offer kimono-style clothing for women in sizes L (14-16) and XL (18-20). 'Goddess -sized pieces are available as well.  We are offering the 'Goddess sizes' in our custom option.  Click "Get started " button to determine your size based on the 3 Graces size chart and contact us for a consultation.

Our Line of Spa Robes

Now Offering "Spa Packages" featuring Diamond Bird Handmade Soaps

Planning a beach get-away or a cruise? Maybe just a pool side ‘stay-cation’? Our Kawaii Kimonos and cover-ups with be a beautiful companion! All cotton, shorter above the knee length in tropical fabric themes and easy to pack too!  Be prepared for everyone to ask, "Where did you get that??!!"

$120 - $135  in sizes  M (size  10-12)  L (size 14-16) or XL (size 18-20)

Plum Kitties Kimono (Front)Plum Kitties Kimono (Back)Feline Fisherman Size L

It’s been a long day and you just want to relax. What you need is a Zen Garden—let our kimono-style spa Zen Garden robes take you there! These kimonos feature unique fabric designs that will wrap you in all cotton comfort to make you look and feel beautiful. The Zen Garden line features all cotton fabric in a variety of Asian and garden themes, with carefully chosen contrast fabric touches on the collar and sleeves.

$145 in sizes L (size 14-16) or XL (size 18-20)

Wisteria Moon Size XLAutumn Geisha Kimono Size XLPurple Dragon Size XL

You deserve a promotion, a reward, or something to acknowledge all the extra effort you make every day at work or for your family. The Kyoto Collection kimono reminds you every time you wear it that you’re special and you deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable.

These kimono-style robes encompass beautiful panel backs into their design, and frequently, these panels are unique with only a few available. Each Kyoto Collection robe is carefully constructed with the highest quality cotton fabric and designed around the back panel theme. Wearing a Kyoto Collection kimono-styled spa robe will make you feel like a pampered beauty, but your practical side will know that it’s machine washable.

$155  in sizes L (size 14-16) or XL (size 18-20)

Sakura Geisha Size L Black and Gray Dragons KimonoBlack and Gray Dragon Panel 

Everyone has clothes in their closet that were worn only once for some distant special occasion. You keep them because they are too beautiful to part with, but alas, no occasion arises for you to wear it again. That’s not the case with your Couture Collection kimono-style spa robe.


An amazing piece, it features breathtaking premium back panels and luxurious cotton sateen fabric crafted into a comfortable cocoon of beauty. Its top-of-the-line fabric is carefully selected to create a one-of-a-kind statement, but requires no dry cleaning because it’s machine washable! You can wear your Couture Collection kimono robe every day and feel beautiful every day, even without a special occasion.  Our Couture kimonos come with a complimentary handmade soap from Diamond Bird Handmade Soaps, select your preference when purchasing your kimono!

$185 sizes L (size 14-16) or XL (size 18-20)